Julia; 19, criminology student, and from Perth, Australia.
I find everything hilarious, I sing too much, and it's cheesy, but i'm completely & unequivocally in love.

Anonymous asked: How do your family feel about your smoking? I am worried about how mine will take it

In relation to smoking weed or cigarettes? 

Weed: my brother cares and hates it but says nothing, and mum doesn’t mind because she used to smoke and grow when she was younger!

Smokes: they don’t know because I know they’ll freak the fuck out and scream at me :/ i think my brother knows though and he’s super disappointed but I’m on the road to quitting :)

Anonymous asked: Also that lil mirror, sideways shot with the red hair? Going for obvious, but in my honest opinion you look like a hot Sansa Stark. Possibly the photo shows you're as smart as her too, but that's purely subjective as to whether you consider said character clever.

Oh really? I’ve never been told that before! It’s always interesting to hear people’s opinions on who I look like or who looks like me :p

Anonymous asked: You're disappointed in yourself? Mate you're alright aye, just keep swimming and you'll see start seeing gold on all those silver linings you have. Like a telly show that has a balls season then comes back with a vengeance, you thought it was down and suddenly it's best thing since discovering Nutella.

ahahah this is the best.

Thanks <3 This cheered me up!

send me have you ever’s and i’ll reply with yes or no

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s-k-y-fligh asked: oh you are beautiful

thank you :’)